my first Muji espadrilles

more than a year ago, I bought this espadrilles from Muji, all because it looks really comfortable, after a month of ruined, the rope frayed like an old broom, canvas got paint and dirts all over it…my boyfriend said I look like a construction builder…

my second Muji espadrilles

but it is so comfortable, and I love espadrilles so much after the first pair then I bought a second pair…it was so hard to find, I asked my friend to get it for me from another country. Its life was the same…ruined…frayed…dirts……………this repeated for 3 times then I couldn’t find any more from Muji

(I tried every countries that I have friends live in)

after a whole year of searching for a replacement of my 3 pairs of ruined…frayed…dirty shoes. Lucky there are lots of choices this season…oh thanks for the TREND

from top- Missoni, left- Lacoste, H&M, Topshop

I finally found their replacement- the Ralph Lauren espadrilles

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